Who we are

learn4dev is a network of more than 25 organisations involved in learning for development. Our members are bilateral aid agencies and international organisations, including full participants and observers. A subset of members constitute a Core Group, which meets quarterly and is involved in planning and hosting of learn4dev’s Annual Meetings. All of our members are represented by individual staff who have an exceptional commitment to sharing expertise and building competence with their colleagues and peers.

An open forum for development organisations

Our network comprises over 25 members from a wide range of organisations working in development. Bilateral members represent Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, the European Union, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Multilateral members include United Nations organisations, the European Union, the World Bank, IOM, OAS, CEF and IDEA. (View all members)


Considering the overall objective of enhancing aid efffectiveness for poverty reduction, our network is open to agencies and organisations that can commit to the stated objectives, our charter and its working principle of results orientation.

Participants are senior officials from training, technical, or policy departments. We consider it essential that our network links a balanced mix of specialists from these three types of departments to ensure dynamics and good performance. They have a mandate to speak on behalf of the organisations they represent.

Our history

learn4dev stems from a first workshop on competence development among donors in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2003, and a second, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2004. These discussions supported the strengthening of a network, the creation of an environment of mutual support for better competence development, and the identification of useful ways to co-operate. In Copenhagen, conference attendees established an agreement on future co-operation, setting the network’s objectives and also its structure, organisation, and activities.

For much of our first decade we were known as Train4Dev. The change in our name to learn4dev reflects an evolving understanding that training, while critical, is only one part of how our network helps development practitioners learn from each other.