Why we are needed

The international community has reached a broad consensus on development aid: for aid to be effective, donors need to harmonise their efforts and countries need to be in charge of their own development.  This consensus on priorities only increases the need for organisations to share development knowledge and experience and improve the competence of their staff.  learn4dev plays a critical role in ensuring this dialogue and learning among development practitioners.  Our network has been active for a decade, and our contribution continues to grow.



Joint competence development

Due to a new international development architecture, members and development agencies have to face both challenges and opportunities that require development and staff training in a wide range of areas.

Members of our network  have become conscious that this can only be done effectively by pooling technical and financial resources through joint initiatives in this field. Besides sharing resources and experience, joint competence development helps achieve a common understanding and language in development co-operation and fosters harmonisation between network members.