Beyond aid : emerging trends in capacity development

The aid paradigm and the capacity development approach are changing strongly. New actors have appeared on the scene; development has outgrown the traditional aid sector. The sources of financing and of know-how and social innovation become more diverse. Also, the practice of capacity development, which has always been closely linked to development aid, continues to evolve and change.

What have we learned in 25 years of support to capacity development? What are the emerging trends in capacity development in this ever-changing world? What challenges and changes does this new setting bring for development partners?

All these questions were covered by Jan Ubels, an expert in organisational development and capacity development, during a seminar organised by BTC and held in Brussels from 10 to 12 June.

The key messages of his presentation in the video

Download the Powerpoint presentation

Jan Ubels is the editor in chief of the publication Capacity Development in Practice (Eartshscan, 2010). He also co-authors the publication Capacity development beyond aid (SNV, ECDPM, 2015).