Sustainable development : The Viet Nam Green Growth Strategy


During the 2nd interdisciplinary symposium on Sustainable development hold in Belgium (20,21,22 May 2015), BTC has presented its project which consists of supporting Viet Nam to implement its Green Growth Strategy.

Abstract of the presentation :

Viet Nam has experienced a rapid economic growth over the last 20 years, bringing social improvements but also raising new challenges. Therefore, in 2012 the government adopted an ambitious Viet Nam National Green Growth Strategy (VNGGS) with as main objectives to reduce the intensity of the country’s economy in terms of energy consumption and greenhouse gases emissions (GHG), and to boost ‘green’ economy sectors. In this paper, we analyze the VNGGS by discussing (1) specificities at the light of other Asian green growth strategies and cautions against the “green growth” paradigm, (2) relevant monitoring indicators and (3) recommendations for scientific research.

More information about the event 

More information about the BTC presentation : The Viet Nam Green Growth Strategy : A review of specificities, indicators and research perpectives

Summary of the project

Final Paper

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Sector guidance notes for environment mainstreaming

The European Commission, together with the learn4dev group, has started the preparation of Sector Guidance Notes aiming at providing development practitioners with clear and easy-to-use guidance material to mainstream climate change, environment, biodiversity and green economy into the programming phase. The guidance notes will focus on key sectors of cooperation such as energy, transport, health and education. Such guidance notes will be based on the EU Guidelines on the Integration of Environment and Climate Change in Development Cooperation and experiences from other donors in the same field.

 Please find also the link to the Strategic Env Ass documents published by the EU: .

The sector guidance notes are now being drafted and will be made available after review and validation.

More information soon on the L4D website.