Save the Date: Joint learning journey on Gender, Migration and Development, Vienna


Today’s world is seeing more refugee and migrant movements than ever, and it has become an important topic on the international agenda. The Learn4Dev Gender Experts Group is organizing a two days learning journey in Vienna, with the goal to contribute to a better understanding of the interconnections of gender, development and migration and thereby increase the effectiveness of development cooperation and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

As such, Learn4Dev seeks to ensure that donor funded programs and policies enhance the benefits and decrease the economic and social costs of migration, by considering gender specific contributions, needs and rights of migrants and refugees throughout the migration cycle. Main goal is to contribute to impact and effectiveness of programming, while at the same time enhancing donor accountability and contributing to gender equality, thus advancing the implementation of EU GAP II and legal international requirements.
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The specific goals of this participatory two days’ event on “Gender and Migration” are:

  • To set the stage for a common reflection on the relevant gender and migration facts and data available, by providing an overview of the challenges ahead. We will identify main topics and gaps to address for increasing coherence among migration, development and labour policies. Participants will get high level input on the international human rights and humanitarian framework, as well as on good practices and initiatives already on the way.
  • Those inputs and common reflections shall lead to the formulation of recommendations for donors how to ensure adequate consideration of gender in economic and forced migration, in humanitarian and development cooperation including policy dialogues on migration in their bilateral aid.
  • Networking among the participants

Participants shall include gender, migration, and development experts (e.g. Learn4Dev experts, UN Women, ILO, OSZE, UNHCR, OECD, IOM, OHCHR, ….) and also be open to non-experts as well as  representatives of already established working groups such as the “Global Migration Group (GMG) working group on migration, human rights and gender”, interested bilateral donors, INGOs and representatives of Academia will be invited.

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If You Missed the Webinar on Gender Equality for Resilience in Protracted Crises

The webinar discussed policy responses and programming measures aimed at gender equality based on Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) experiences in different protracted crises contexts. The webinar focused in particular on the implementation of the recommendations and principles of the Committee on World Food Security’s Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises.

Link to the recording of the webinar is available: here

Link to the slide share presentation is available: here

The series of webinars on resilience is organized jointly by the FAO Strategic Programme on Resilience and the European Union-DEVCO.