Our Training

learn4dev provides information about courses and learning programmes which network members are running to share knowledge for better competence development. We co-operatively work on key themes for development aid such as communication, economic development and management. We share information on two types of training that our members run: open courses and joint learning programs. Open courses support knowledge exchange among member organisations. Joint learning programmes concentrate the competence of our Expert Groups, who engage other members on specific topics. All training programs that are shared on the learn4dev website are offered to all interested members of our network.

Who can apply?

To participate in a training course or learning event, anybody can apply, provided you are in a position to make all necessary travel arrangements and cover all costs related to your accommodation as well as the entire tuition fees for the training you intend to participate in. Special conditions may apply for some events. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact the organiser.

Membership in an Expert Group requires that your organisation has member or observer status in the learn4dev network. Membership is limited to public institutions, such as governmental development organisations, UN organisations and related entities.

How to register?

Registration procedures differ depending on the institution organising and providing the specific course. Please check the conditions and contact the reference person. Travel and accommodation costs need to be covered by participants, although some courses are free of charge for members of the network.